The Clam Box – a Box full of Seafood Delicacies


The Clam Box is the one-stop solution when it comes to sea food and ice-cream. The Clam Box seafood restaurant has been serving delicious sea food since 1951 – very quickly they perfected the art of cooking and serving only the best seafood.  The stomach and heart are connected – a satisfied stomach with a happy soul at the same time is a winning combination. Today, for many people, sea food is a staple part of of their diet. Every once in a while we have a dilemma which good quality sea food restaurant to visit. The intent of this article is to offer you answers to the questions that dilemma raises.

The Clam Box in Brookfield and Dresser Hill, Charlton, Massachusetts both have excellent reputations for great seafood and delicious ice-cream, both Clam Box restaurants’ are seafood specialists and serve the very best old-fashioned ice-cream. Right from their opening in 1951 seafood enthusiasts have flocked to The Clam Box. Today, the grandchildren and even great-grandchildren of some of their first customers return with their parents, aunts and uncles to enjoy the seafood and ice-cream served at The Clam Box.  One of the reasons why – the consistency of the quality of the seafood; in the kitchen their experienced staff have perfected the art of preparing and frying seafood.  Another reason is the freshness of the products used by  The Clam Box only the freshest and the best will do. A third reason  – they hand batter fish and onion rings, and prepare dishes from scratch including their clam chowda and  lobster bisque  These things are top of the list for seafood lovers – seafood tasting it’s best.

Fresh seafood, delicious ice cream and a perfect view in the spring, summer and fall, cannot be beaten and that awaits you at Dresser Hill’s Clam Box.  The same; golden fried or baked seafood, burgers – hot off the grill – chicken, fresh salads and more, served with a nice cold beer in the restaurant year round awaits you at The Clam Box Brookfield. Need it to go or an event catered – graduation, wedding, clambake, corporate event you name it – The Clam Box has it covered. Where ever you are, schedule a day, pay a visit and enjoy fresh seafood and ice cream at it’s best.

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