Best Seafood in Massachusetts


They say, “A recipe does not impress, unless a brilliant cook puts their soul into it.” This is true for a renowned seafood restaurant in Brookfield.

Spring and the warm weather are here. People are looking for new and exciting places to visit either for a day trip, long weekend or longer vacation. Massachusetts has much to offer, from Nightclubs to Beaches, Street Markets, Farmers Markets and Speciality Seafood Restaurants. Famed for, among other things, Paul Revere’s Ride, The North End, Cranberry Bogs, Fresh Lobster, Clams and Fish, there are off the beaten path delights as well. Gems hidden away in charming small towns include the most quintessential of New England specialities “The Clam Shack”. These seafood specialists have a personality all of their own, best experienced in person, they offer such New England standards as Lobster Rolls and Fried Clams. The Clam Box in Brookfield, established in 1951, is a gold standard by which other Clam Shacks are measured. If Fresh Seafood, Lobster Rolls and Clams are on your bucket list this spring and summer take a road trip to the Clam Box.

Lobster Rolls

There’s lobster rolls and there’s Clam Box Lobster Rolls! Fresh Lobsters are cooked, cracked and prepared daily: The Clam Box Lobster Rolls make the Clam Box Brookfield a destination location. Served in the traditional New England style Lobster “Roll” – yours will come as you like it; with French Fries and Coleslaw or with your perfect side, ordered from one of the many available.

Clam Dishes
The Clam Box Brookfield specializes in Whole Belly Clams – served freshly battered and deep fried just before you eat them. Whole Belly Clams come served your way, right away – as part of a Super Titanic Fisherman’s Platter, in a roll, with French Fries and homemade Coleslaw or just by themselves. The same goes for Clam Strips your way, right away, by themselves or as part of a freshly prepared meal.

Sea food, long known for its health benefits offers plenty of protein with virtually no fat and no bones or skin to worry about. Each and every piece of seafood served hot at the Clam Box is hand breaded/battered, with freshly prepared ingredients, just before it is cooked for your order! The Shrimp Cocktail is prepared by hand daily, as are the Crab Cakes, Coleslaw, Clam Chowder and Lobster Bisque (both gluten free friendly). The extensive seafood menu includes baked and grilled; Haddock, Salmon, Scallops, and of course Shrimp. Sides include Lobster Mashed Potatoes, Rice Pilaf, Sweet Potato Fries and even Whole Belly Clams. Too hot to eat hot food, salads and wraps will take care of that!

The Clam Box offers plenty of options for the none seafood lover; from Steak Tips to Build a Burga, Foot Long Hot Dogs and Chicken dishes including Pub Style Chicken Wings – with all the sauces! Not forgetting children’s and small plates menus as well, The Clam Box has all the bases covered!

Where to go for the Best Lobster Rolls and Whole Belly Clams?

The Clam Box, situated at 53 S. Maple St, Brookfield, MA 01506, USA. with it’s mouthwatering menu options including Lobster Rolls and Whole Belly Clam dishes. Simply the best Clam Shack – offering fresh seafood prepared daily and cooked to order every time at prices everyone can afford. For menus, opening times, directions and more, visit, The Clam Box