Clam Dishes & Homemade Chowder- Specialties of The Clam Box


Serving some of the tastiest seafood dishes around, The Clam Box takes pride in knowing our customers are receiving fresh food and specialty dishes crafted right here in our kitchen. As the best seafood specialists in Brookfield, we serve all kinds of different dishes featuring our famous clams, seasoned to perfection with only the best herbs and spices. Prepare your taste buds for the delicious thrill our customers have raved about while enjoying one of our clam specials.

Clam Dishes:
The Clam Box is known for our fresh seafood, hand-battered to perfection for everyone to enjoy with their family and friends. Some of our most popular dishes include our clam strips, whole belly clams, clam cakes, homemade chowder, clam rolls, homemade fritters, and more!

Cooked to perfection in a mixture of clam juices and seasonings, we prepare only the freshest clams and delicious seafood creations. Every meal served by our amazing chef will leave your mouth watering from the smell alone before your first bite. Not only will our dishes leave you happy and full, non-fried clam dishes provide an excellent source of protein and omega 3’s for those looking to enjoy a delicious meal that is good for them too!

Homemade Chowder:
Most people know chowder to be a rich, thick and chunky soup prepared with a white sauce base, and as a very common dish in New England, you can expect to find many variations throughout Massachusetts; this however, does not mean that everyone gets it right. Here at The Clam Box, you can bet you’ll find delicious bowls of chowder on almost every table, the thick and creamy soups filling the stomachs of many happy customers. Whether they order a large bowl for their meal, or choose to eat it accompanied by many of our bites and chowder combos, they always leave happy. Some of the favorite dishes we serve with our chowder are fried haddock bites or our famous fish burger.

Want to know where to go for the BEST Clam Dishes and Homemade Chowder?
The Clam Box is located at 53 S Maple St, Brookfield, MA 01506. Its mouthwatering menu includes many clam dishes and homemade chowders, along with many other fried and non-fried options, all of which we know you will enjoy! With reasonable prices, friendly service, and all the freshest seafood all in one place, we know you’ll love it and we hope to see you soon here at The Clam Box! For more information, visit The Clam Box