Ice Cream vs Frozen Yogurt – What’s The Difference


The battle is between two frozen treats that are made from dairy. Both favorites have a huge fan following that people just love to eat in any season. Though they have unique characteristics all on their own, the frozen treats; ice cream and frozen yogurt are delicious in taste. It is very difficult to determine which one is superior to the other. What if you are forced to pick one for an entire lifetime. Unable to choose? Well, let us help you pick the better treat!


Ice Cream: It varies, but generally ice cream has milk, heavy cream, sugar and vanilla extract. You can find far more ingredients in commercial ice creams like whey, corn syrup, guar and other gums, and carrageenan.
Frozen Yogurt: It varies, but generally milk, custard milk, sugar, vanilla extract. Like ice cream, commercial can also use the same ingredients and additives to make frozen yogurt.

Taste and Consistency

Ice Cream: It has a unique texture, a soft with a hint of icy roughness. You start your frozen treat journey by enjoying a sweet and creamy taste, but slowly your taste buds began to feel like you jumped into a tub of chilled whipped cream. The cold shock awakens the senses, but the cream quickly melts in your mouth, leaving you to enjoy the taste of heaven.
Frozen Yogurt: Though it has similar characteristics like ice cream, it is not fully yogurt, nor is it ice cream. The consistency is a bit firmer, but not as creamy as ice cream.

What works for you in the hot summer?

Ice Cream: Though Ice cream doesn’t do much for health, it soothes your tonsils after a tonsillectomy and gives you a delicious taste. No matter whether you are on a holiday or a tiresome day in an office, ice cream can do wonders.
Frozen yogurt: Generally, diet conscious people go for this treat and consider this as an ice cream alternative to enjoy the favorites in a hot weather.

Winner: Ice Cream
You can enjoy frozen yogurt as an alternative, but the fact is that you are not eating ice cream. In the summer, ice cream is the only frozen treat that can satisfy some rich, primal desire for fat your body desires, but your mind denies. If you are not conscious, ice cream is a treat that your heart demands. And this way, ice cream always wins millions!

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