40+ Ice Creams Flavors to taste in this Summer at Dresser Hill’s Clam Box


We all know that “It’s the little things in life that matter” Recollections of eating ice cream will bring smiles to our faces as we fondly remember special ice cream treats, sundaes, shakes, and cones with sprinkles shared with grandparents, aunts, uncles, and friends. The summer and ice-cream go together – enjoying a delicious ice-cream and a beautiful sunset on a warm summer evening might sound surreal, but the possibility of this being true is as real as your existence in this universe.

The Clam Box at Dresser Hill in Massachusetts offers just that combination – a spectacular view with stunning sunsets and 40+ delicious flavors of ice cream – a memory making combination. The perfect place for a special treat with children, grand-children, nieces, nephews and friends of all ages. Dresser Hill’s Clam Box have so many choices of old fashioned hand scooped ice-cream – your head will be spinning – summer favorites like; S’Mores, Bubble Gum, & Cotton Candy, flavors to star gaze by like Milky Way, adventurous flavors like; Moose Tracks, Muddy Hill and 7 Mile River, flavors to indulge the taste buds like – Peanut Butter Pie and Raspberry Truffle to name but a few. Sherbets including Rainbow and Sorbets including Raspberry, yogurts like, Black Raspberry Chocolate Chip and low fat, sugar free ice cream options like Butter Pecan and Black Raspberry, not forgetting of course the old favorites; Vanilla, Chocolate, and Strawberry. These ice-creams, and more, are served in any combination, your way – cones, cups, sundaes, with your choice of topping including sprinkles and of course, as milk shakes. Besides the 40+ flavors of old fashioned hand scooped ice-cream, Dresser Hill’s Clam Box also have Flavor Burst Soft Serve.

Imagine the possibilities! Enjoy some feel good moments creating memories with family and friends all the while delighting in delicious ice-cream and stunning sunsets. Start your taste bud ice-cream extravaganza, pick a date and head to Dresser Hill’s Clam Box for ice-cream. You will soon find yourself returning to try all the flavors!