Is your Favorite Seafood Restaurant Serving Fresh Fish?


A favorite restaurant is dear to the heart. Deciding which is your favorite restaurant depends in part on the quality of the food. In the seafood industry, the quality of the fish is all about freshness. Restaurants serving the best and freshest seafoods will always be popular! The preparation of food differs in every restaurant and menu items will be different – that’s too be expected! Visiting a restaurant for the first time and the line is out the door could mean they are just busy cos they are short staffed OR it could mean that they are serving the best seafood in the area. How will you know! Read on to learn some pointers for establishing if a restaurant is serving the freshest seafood.

There are some ways to determine whether your favorite local restaurant serving fresh food or not:

Where does the seafood on your plate come from?
There is no doubt that most Americans like to eat seafood, but how does it get to your plate? When and where was it caught, how quickly and how did it get to the restaurant. If the information is not readily available on the menu or posted at the entrance to the restaurant: You will never know unless you ask the questions. If the restaurant are using locally caught, fresh seafood, the staff at the restaurant should be happy to answer the questions. If they do not know or are unwilling to share the answers, you might want to think again about how fresh the seafood is!

The waiter/waitress of your favorite local restaurant should know the journey of their food. If your local restaurant is serving fresh seafood then it will not be masked by strong seasoning, and will taste and be a memorable great tasting meal.

Many restaurants serve frozen seafood!
The first information the waiter/waitress gives is the list of daily specials. If fish is on that list and not prefixed with fresh or locally caught, it is likely to be previously frozen. The only way to be sure that you will be eating fresh fish is to ask! Before you place an order for your favorite seafood, it is recommended that the customer always asks a few questions of the waiter:

1. When and where was the seafood caught?

2. How long has the seafood been stored in the restaurant refrigerator?

3. Was the seafood frozen before it was refrigerated? If so, how long was it frozen for?

A reputable seafood restaurant will welcome these questions and be able to answer them without a problem!

Compare the taste with what you know to be fresh fish.
Fresh fish has no smell! It is moist, but no slippy, it is plump with good color. When cooked, fresh seafood is not tough – fresh fish will flake easily and melt in your mouth, there will be no need to chew! These characteristics are not true of frozen fish. Frozen fish will not have as much taste, nor be as moist or plump, it can be tough and require chewing. Fresh fish that is past its best will smell of fish or ammonia if it has been “washed” to mask the fish smell. Fish that is past it’s best becomes slippy, looses it’s bright color and dries out and will be tough to eat after it is cooked, requiring some chewing!

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