Not All Ice Cream is Created Equal!

ice cream flavors

When you shop for ice cream in the supermarket, did you ever stop and think what goes into that tub of deliciousness? Ice cream vendors serve premium ice cream rich in flavor and thick in creaminess. Most of the ice cream is made with local ingredients and fresh fruit. This is because not all ice cream is created equal. The creaminess you love is prepared using whole milk fat or oil.  Also, your favorite fruity flavors may either be prepared from real fruit puree, or just a mixture of water combined with artificial flavouring and colouring.


No one says that ice cream is a ‘health food’, but when you’d like to have a bite – make it worth it by shopping for something with wholesome and natural ingredients.


Let’s find out how to find a good ice cream. When you are assessing ice cream for quality, look at the four main components that create ice cream flavor: Base, Flavoring, Coloring, Mix-Ins.


People generally think that all ice cream is prepared using dairy; milk and cream. Wrong. Some ice creams don’t contain any forms of dairy fat, but rather they contain  palm or hydrogenated oils. These oils provide the creaminess of dairy fat, which helps the product to be sold at a much more attractive price. Apart from this, palm oil is destructive to the environment and bad for your health. Sadly, many brands don’t disclose their palm oil use properly.

A survey says that fifty percent of supermarket items are comprised of palm oil. Therefore, the next time you’re shopping, check the label to see  if palm oil is listed. Go to the shops who use only one hundred percent dairy in their ice cream varieties.


Next is flavoring and coloring. These two components are often used to imitate freshness and quality. For example, strawberry ice cream that is a colourful pink, mint ice cream in bright green hue and pistachio ice cream prepared using synthetic pistachio flavouring.


These appealing ice cream flavors are usually prepared with chemical flavorings to reduce expenses. Also, the colors help these products look more marketable.

If you are a fan of cookies as a mix-in, you could also find chocolate chip cookie dough, fudge brownie, or cheesecake chunks in different flavors.


Some shops actually  bake all their mix-ins in-house with fresh ingredients like eggs, butter, flour, sugar and salt.


This helps them keep control over the ingredients that go into their products, so that customers can enjoy the highest calibre of ice cream.


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