The Secret Science behind Creamy Ice Cream!

Secret Science behind Every Creamy Ice Cream

Who doesn’t love delicious ice cream after their meal? With so many flavors to choose from, everyone can find something they enjoy! When making ice cream, only the best ingredients are used to create those creamy flavors you know and love. Most ice cream shops are known to have variety in texture, some for those who love a good old scoop of ice cream, and some for others who prefer the smooth and creamy goodness of soft serve. So how exactly is ice cream made?

Let’s take a look at the secret science behind creamy ice cream?

To keep ice cream in its perfect shape for everyone to enjoy, it must be whipped and frozen all at once in order to keep the milk and cream stuck together. Ice cream is basically just little crystals of ice and air bubbles stuck together with the sugary goodness we all know and love. That, along with the super cold frozen temperatures, keep everything in place; when things start to heat up, that is when we see the melting mess take place.

Ingredients that Make a Difference….

Fat is one of the main components to make ice cream smooth so that it can easily melt in your mouth. The milk fat used in ice cream varies from 10% to a maximum of about 16%; for premium ice cream it usually contains up to 14% of fat. This fat is essential to creating the perfect ice cream as it improves the texture and makes the taste richer.

Air bubbles also play an important role in making soft and creamy ice cream; professionals have large machines that incorporate a lot of air, which results in a smoother ice cream. Using the right machines and the right ingredients can make or break the ice cream.

Get a Softer Treat with Liquid Nitrogen!!

You need to have very small ice crystals to make your ice cream smooth and creamy and if you can freeze the mixture very quickly, this will keep the particles small enough to remain extra creamy. Liquid nitrogen is used to freeze the water and milk mixture as fast as possible to maintain a creamy texture and consistency. The faster the ice cream cools, the smoother it becomes; this is because a rapid freezing process makes the crystals very small, which in turn leads to a creamy treat.

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