What’s So Special about The Clam Box?

The Clam Box:
Every restaurant serves food but some restaurants have a unique style and certain something that keeps customers coming back of more. The Clam Box certainly has that special something – with a belief that “ customers should eat and have fun with their families”; The Clam Box is a family restaurant that believes in serving people of all ages – especially those who are young at heart!


The Clam Box staff retain a humble gratitude towards their customers and always make sure to provide consistent excellent service.  They understand that their loyal customers, who are passionate about eating delicious food, will return for more, if they enjoy their dining experience.  Serving hot food hot, and ice cream before it melts, quickly, efficiently and with a smile is the name of the game!


The Clam Box in Brookfield is intent on providing only the best dining-in experience to its customers, serving high quality craft beers,homemade chowder and lobster bisque, hand-battered fresh seafood, whole belly clams, deep fried fresh fish and onion rings. Understanding that not everyone loves seafood, menu items include wraps, chicken dishes, salads, hot dogs, sandwiches, burgers and french fries.  Round it all off with some hand scooped ice-cream of flavor burst soft serve.  Of course take out is an option as well!


Dresser Hill is known for its spectacular sunsets, and The Clam Box at Dresser Hill for it’s ice-cream!  The take out service at the Clam Box Dresser Hill,  includes the full menu of delicious seafood, non seafood items and of course an extensive variety of old fashioned hand scooped ice-cream. Americans eat more ice-cream that any other nation!  The Clam Box at Dresser Hill with 41 flavors of ice cream has all the options covered, flavors to delight everyone.  Not only that, the ice-cream is served the way you like it: scooped in a cone or bowl, with or without toppings, as a sundae – in the flavor combination of your choice, or as a milk shake and all with a smile!  Either enjoy your meal at one of the picnic tables, picnic style with a blanket on the ground, or take it to the location of your choice.  We love to serve families who want to enjoy time together, or need a place to relax and enjoy yummilicious food, with a gorgeous sunset as a back drop!!


The Clam Box restaurant in Brookfield has the best clams and seafood in the Brookfield’s. The Clam Box at Dresser Hill not only has the best clams and seafood for miles around, it has the best ice-cream too! Join us for a relaxing evening, enjoying your favorite seafood dishes and ice-cream as well. Don’t miss the finest fresh seafood and best hand scooped ice cream. We invite you to come visit us now!!
For more information visit: www.theoriginalclambox.com