Which Seafood Cuts the Risk of Major Diseases?


Today, people are suffering from different diseases and so you have reached an edge where it has become necessary to take care of your own health. The time has come where the disease-fighting foods should be in everyone’s kitchen. Even a small portion of healthy seafood in your diet can cut the risk of major disease. Crabs, prawns, squid, and octopus contain a lot of vitamins, minerals, and fish oils as fish like cod and salmon are the seafood which can keep almost all major diseases at bay. But, during pregnancy, it is advisable to avoid raw shellfish and raw seafood. You should always try to eat fresh seafood for more health benefits.

Let us study which seafood is good for a healthy Body:

Sockeye-Salmon-1Smoked Salmon and Gravlax Benefits:
It contains a high level of Omega-3. If anyone is suffering from age-related macular degeneration, eating seafood that contains marine Omega-3 can help protect your eyesight. The only thing you should be aware of is the salt in the seafood. It’s better to check the salt in your seafood whenever you order or visit any seafood restaurant, since different people use different techniques.

Warning: Avoid in case of high blood pressure.

Crab crabBenefits:
This contains high protein and Omega-3. This seafood is mainly good for people who are suffering from arthritis, as this fatty acid has anti-inflammatory properties. It’s also helpful in reducing blood pressure. You can easily find this seafood in all shellfish. They’re high in cholesterol which is very necessary to produce sex hormones and process Vitamin D in the body. Crab contains a low amount of calories, which is good for your heart.

Warning: Avoid if you are suffering from high cholesterol.

squidSquid Benefits:

It contains zinc, B vitamin, iodine, Omega-3 and copper. The copper supplement is very necessary for the body as it can absorb, store, and metabolize iron. It’s also vital for the formation of the red blood cells. Phosphorus in squid aids in calcium development, which builds bones and teeth. Its high levels of B2 also help ease migraines. Squid is a great seafood option, but avoid fried or battered versions. Just keep yourself from adding batter since this can triple the amount of calories, which can increase the risk of some cancers.

Warning: Only eat fresh squid. Avoid it if you’re sensitive to seafood.

oyesterOyster Benefits:

It contains ample amounts of the amino acid tyrosine, which is very helpful in improving mood and balanced stress level in the body. You will find a high level of zinc which supports reproductive and sexual function in men. Oyster also has a good amount of calcium which supports building strong bones.

Warning: Avoid if you have any reaction to oyster or if you’re suffering from any allergic reactions.

scallopsScallops Benefits:

They are a good source of protein and Omega-3 that are low in calories. Omega-3 is helpful in reducing the risk of a blood clot, which can cause a heart attack or stroke. It’s been proven that eating scallops can help heart health, and those who consume fish in their diet experience lower risk of dementia and memory problems. It also contains magnesium, which is good for regulating muscle contractions, including the heart.

Warning: People who are sensitive to shellfish should avoid scallops.

shrimp-300x285Shrimp, Crayfish, and Prawns Benefits:

Always choose fresh prawns which are high in Vitamin B12. This vitamin is necessary for cell division, especially since studies show that many people today are suffering from low levels. You should obtain B12 from your diet mainly from fish. Just be aware of adding creamy sauce which contains high fat and salt. Frozen prawns may also have high levels of salt.

Warning: Avoid or limit if you have high cholesterol.

lobsterLobster Benefits:

It contains selenium, iodine, and B-Vitamins. The delicious lobster also contains vitamin E, which helps to protect cells from damage. It’s not just considered a luxurious food, but also a healthy and lean-protein food. You just have to avoid high-fat and calorie varieties, like thermidor lobster.

Warning: People who are suffering from high cholesterol should limit lobster consumption.